Genius Ventures Gives Disseminated Computing Power With Coordinated Cryptocurrency

Today, organizations need superior computer systems to have the option to deal with different transactions or information identified with their business. Particularly the people who are huge organizations, they are more needing superior computer systems for their organizations. Yet, not all organizations can have the option to get elite computer systems for their organizations, in light of the fact that the cost is very costly.

Thusly, to answer the interest for computing resources, Genius Ventures was dispatched to furnish clients with more reasonable processing assets. Genius Ventures carries dispersed computing solutions coordinated with cryptocurrencies, which permits clients to buy circulated assets for their projects as per their requirements with the gave crypto tokens. This way permits designers to incorporate their projects on blockchain innovation and extend the engineering of their platform all the more reasonably.


Amazon Web Administrations, Microsoft Purplish blue and Google Cloud Platform are platforms dispatched to be an answer for the interest for superior computer systems. With this cloud-based computing services solution, it is feasible for organizations, particularly those with restricted resources, to get computing power more reasonable and as per their necessities. This is incredible information for organizations since they presently don't have to go through huge amount of cash to get computing power. What's more, because of the interest for computing power, Genius Ventures was likewise dispatched to have the option to answer clients' requirements for computing power. With conveyed computing power arrangements coordinated with cryptocurrencies, Genius Ventures furnishes clients with a platform that empowers them to get figuring power for their projects all the more effectively and moderately.

Project developers can buy Genius tokens, which are the native token of Genius Ventures, to have the option to buy figuring power. Later developers can designate tokens as per their undertaking needs. What’s more, these Genius tokens can likewise be exchanged for traditional cash or other cryptocurrencies.


Genius Ventures is a platform that gives circulated computing power arrangements fueled by cryptocurrencies. Here Genius Ventures will use unused patterns of computing devices on computers, portable devices, and IoT devices and afterward allot them to clients who need them as indicated by the quantity of tokens they have paid. Yet, that is not all, there are a few different provisions of Genius Ventures:

Works Everywhere: Code and SDK given by Genius Ventures work on platforms like Windows, OSX, iOS, Android, Linux, Windows Versatile, XBOX, Playstation, Nintendo, and IoT Devices.

Always Available: The computing power given by Genius Ventures can handle independent applications, embedded systems, or games 24 hours per day.

Customizable: Client can pick AI or then again Machine learning calculations as indicated by client needs through the gave entry.

Organic: Clients will get remunerated by their commitment. Also, client obtaining won’t be charged and clients get compensated to handle information.

Quick: The crossover Cryptotoken system utilizes blockchain-based inside Coordinated Non-cyclic Graph innovation which can execute transactions immediately even in milliseconds.

Mobile-first: Advancement of the SDK will focus on portable devices first and use registering devices from any system.


Genius Ventures has a native token dispatched under the name GNUS. The GNUS token is dispatched on the Ethereum platform with the ERC-20 protocol and will fill in as the principle payment on the platform, this implies that the GNUS token will be focused on for transactions on the platform, for example, buying computing power or other transactions. Also, to oblige all client assets, Genius Ventures dispatched a digital wallet that will safely store all client assets. To have the option to get GNUS tokens, clients can purchase GNUS tokens on pre-ico and ico occasions that will be held by Genius Ventures.


The present organizations, particularly enormous organizations, need superior PC systems to have the option to handle every one of their exchanges and friends information all the more rapidly. However, not all organizations can have the option to purchase this innovation, particularly those little organizations that have restricted assets. What’s more, Genius Ventures is here as a platform that will give more moderate dispersed computing solutions for project engineers out of luck. Genius Ventures gives an answer that permits project developers to purchase computing power for their projects utilizing the GNUS token which is the native token of Genius Ventures . Later project developers can modify the assets they need for their projects as indicated by their capacities. So that in this manner all project developers can get computing power more reasonable for their projects. Genius Ventures to furnish clients with a platform that permits them to get computing power all the more effectively and reasonably.

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